Hello! My name is Azeez Alayah, I am a fashion photographer from West Africa and currently reside in Chicago, IL. I do a lot of traveling because I love being inspired by fashion, life, adventure, and culture. Photography gives me the chance to tell stories through my lens. Therefore, my journey continues and I have numerous upcoming projects that include exploring the fashion world in Chicago, traveling to LA, as well as New York. 


I am often asked what inspires me. After watching Black Panther, I could not have been MORE inspired by the whole cast, directors and everyone who believed in making the movie happen. Seeing that they could bridge cultural awareness and the big screen gave me the idea to bring it to fashion as well. I want people to feel moved by the images. I want people to see strengthlovededication and culture. I want my audience to walk away feeling empowered and strong enough to do whatever it is their mind believes they can do.


Photographer: Azeez A. Alayah (@ProjectZeezy)
Born in Lagos City, Nigeria. 
Raised in Chicago.
Fell in love with the Fashion Industry on my first day of high school.
Hosted my biggest fashion show during freshmen year of college.
Became a model in my sophomore year of college.
Fell in love with photography then and continue to fall as I complete each new chapter of my life.